We would be delighted to worship with you at any of our church services.  We value the Word of God as our only source of authority - all messages are biblically-based.  We value the importance of missions - striving to be the Lord's missionaries here in Corinth, but also around the world.  We value each other - fellowship is a major part of our church, whether in Sunday School / Life Groups, discipleship, or even sometimes after church for an ice-cream social.  We value each other and would love for you to become a part of our family.


We're challenged this year of 2019 to be DIGGING DEEPER.
Digging Deeper in our faith & discipleship walk.
Digging Deepering in our personal Bible study.
Digging Deeper in prayer.
Digging Deeper in our relationships with one another.
Digging Deeper in our time of worship.

So. Where are you in your walk with Jesus?

Are you Digging Deeper?

Not sure how or where to start? We are all on this faith journey together - just ask - we'll come along side you & we can be Digging Deeper together.