Learning, Living, & Loving

At Holly Baptist Church you will find many opportunities for ...

Learning the Message

     The worship hour is not the only place for learning the Message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and learning what HE desires of us in this life. There are several small groups for Bible study for all ages available every Sunday morning at 10:00 am. Additionally, there is our mid-week opportunity each Wednesday night.  Also, opportunities throughout the year are made available for local or regional conferences, workshops, and more.

Living the Mission

     Holly Baptist Church believes in the Great Commission. It is our desire that everyone man, woman, boy & girl come to personal saving faith in Jesus Christ. We live the Great Commission by offering and participating in mission opportunities at home, in Corinth, in Mississippi, in other states, and internationally around the world. Foreign mission trips have included Alabama, Montana, New York, Ukraine, Ecuador, and Haiti.

Loving the Ministry

     We love because HE first loved us.  Whether in small groups or congregational gatherings, we value fellowship with each other as fellow beievers in Christ. We learn the message together, we live the mission together, & we love the ministry together.